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Lunch Break

Jim's hand were burning from the rope. He could feel his ankles beginning to burn. "It's so tight Mistress Xena"
"You little punk, It's so tight.It's so tight so that you won't move when I paddle your balls" she said and with that she took her riding crop and lashed his balls.She saw cum around the head of his cock and with her black gloved hand she squeezed his cock down.
"You think this is pleasure maybe you haven't had enough pain.Is that it? "she asked.
"Yes Mistress Xena" Jim said.
She took the lit candle and moved it slowly over his nipples "Like that boy?" she said as she slapped him and let the wax drip over his chest
The intensity of the heat had brought Jim's 10 inch cock to full erection.
Straddling his face she yelled "eat my pussy " she was careful to rub her pussy around his nose and mouth leaving Jim gasping for air."Eat my pussy boy "she said.
"Oh!" she screamed as she came her pussy juice flowing down Jim's throat and over his face.She then sat on his cock took the cat-o-nine tails and whipped him as she yelled "Fuck Me". His cock was in so deep only his balls were out.Mistress Xena had another orgasm.She then used her pussy muscles to clamp his cock. His cock got harder as they got a rhthym.
"Oh Fuck Oh Fuck I'm gonna cum" Jim screamed.
He emptied his load deep in her pussy there was so much it oozed out as Mistress Xena came again. They collapsed afterward her head on his chest, sweat pouring from their bodies.They showered got dressed and kissed.Jim said" See you afterwork dear"
"Bye love" she said. Read more stories like this of Dark Obsessions click here

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